Katwijks Museum

A Tangible Past, A travelling collection, 04.07 until 05.11.17

Afgelopen ( 4 July 2017 till 5 November 2017)

The Katwijk Museum presents, with pleasure, A Tangible Past. A travelling collection.
The exhibition is drawn from a selection of nineteenth- and twentieth- century paintings and drawings , from a colourful private collection. For the visitors, a unique chance to view these pieces of art from a private collection within a museum setting.
This private collection is allied to the central collection of the museum itself, but at the same time reaches further in a number of themes. It arose out a love for painting and history combined with a searching view of the everyday, human condition. This has produced a tableau of ‘to the point’ pieces of art.
The life of the fishing community of Katwijk passes before our eyes. Scenes of the inhabitants in local costume with flat bottom smacks coming in from the sea and the fish market on the beach. The lifestyle of the industrious land workers is shown as is the intimate scene of a mother and child and spectacle of a sunny, here and there fashionable, beach-scene. Enchanting, fascinating fishermans wives on the dune tops are alternated for elegant ladies in their ateliers or gardens. The plowman of Herman Gouwe – painted in vivid colours– is hung close to a subdued sea of Mesdag. The later work of Isaac Isreals shows emancipated ladies in swimming suits on a summers day in Scheveningen.
Among the artists exhibited, Morgenstjerne Munthe and Hendrik Willem Mesdag, Bernard Blommers and Philip Sadée from The Hague and from Laren Baruch de Laguna and the delicate work of Octav Guillenot.
The realistic tableaus of hard work, harmonious family life and every-day happenings of yesteryear give us the oppurtunity to almost ‘touch’ history.

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